Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health!

Every body is unique.  I customize my treatments for all my clients. Whether you want to relax, improve the appearance of cellulite/varicose veins, or relieve pain I involve a variety of modalities to get the job done. Pricing varies depending on location and amount of time needed for treatment.  See your primary care physcian before starting any treatments. The cause of acute pain should first be diagnosed by your physican.


For members and non-gym members:


Client Reward Card:

Buy 6 sessions get the 7th one free. Must present card after every session. Can not be combine with other offers or discounts.


*The Circuit Family Fitness  Gym Members

Must have current and active membership.

*Massage Therapy Includes consultation, assessment, treatment plan, hot/cold packs, KT-Tape, and oils needed.  It will help you improve mobility so you can work, sleep, and play better.  I recommend a minmum of 4 sessions in order to start seeing and feeling results.

  • $45 30 min. session
  • $75 Hr. session

Buy 4 1 hr sessions at $250 Savings of $150. 

Buy 6 1 hr $375. Must be pre-paid and all sessions used with in 4 months by the same person. No roll overs and no transfers.


*Swedish Massage-Long gliding strokes.  Improve circulation, flexibility in your body, and sense of relaxation.  A study conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and published in The New York Times, found that volunteers who received a Swedish massage experienced significant decreases in levels of the stress hormone cortisol, as well as arginine vasopressin-a hormone that can lead to increases in cortisol. 

  • $65 60 min.
  • $100 90 min.


Buy 4 1hr sessions at $210.  Save $50.  Buy 6 $315.  Must be pre-paid.  All sessions used in the same month by the same person.

 1 hr Massage a month for 3 months $180


Non-Gym Member Rate

1 hr Massage a month for 3 months $180

$43 Includes a 30 minute Quick Send Me to Tahiti and Back Massage.  Perfect for people who have a limited time for a break.

$85 Includes a 60 minute Swiss Bliss Massage.  Swedish massage strokes will put you in a relax state of mind while Reiki energy will help balance your chakras or energy centers of the body.  Includes an affirmation card to help end your session on a positive note.   

Serene Dream Massage (Reduce anxiety and improves sleep Zzz.) Includes dream time essential oils.  They can be applied directly or misted in the air.  Please notify me if you don't want the essential oils applied directly to your skin.  The therapeutic effects can be inhaled or absorbed for better long term results.

  • $63 30 minutes
  • $125 1 hour
  • $188 1 1/2 hour 

Therapeutic (Muscular pain relief) You will feel immediate results.  Includes the oils or hot/cold packs. To minimize the effects of the soreness a sauna session is included.  Your private 30 minute Sauna session will be set to "Pain Relief." 

  • $100 1 hour
  • $150 1 1/2 hr
  • $200 2 hr

Chair massage:

  • $5 / 5 minute
  • $10 / 10 minute
  • $15 / 15 minute max limit


Special health needs Seniors (Who are under doctor's care please bring a written note that it is safe for them to receive massage.  Forms can be printed from this site.) 

Active Seniors 62yrs+:

$30/30 minutes

$45/45 minutes

$50/50 minutes

$60/60 minutes

$90/90 minutes


*Student Rate same as Active Senior Rate.  Must be currently enrolled. 


Maternity/Post Partum Nursing Moms

$85 /60 min or 90min/$120

*Note: Please have doctors approval (preferrably a doctor's note) before you schedule an appointment.  If you think you are pregnant please see your primary care physician. Massage should avoided the first trimester of pregnancy.



$65/30 minutes, $75/45 minutes, $85/50 minutes, $95/60 minutes, $125/90 minutes, $250/2hrs.

An amazing experience with Lasting benefits! Hot and cold stones incorporated in the massage.  Your experience with the stones is similar to being under the warm sun and cool water. The stones give you a sense of relaxation, aid the body in it's own healing process (strenghten immune system), releases trigger points, relieve pain, and improve sleep.


Events/Retreat/home visits for surrounding cities of Monterey County:

$0.56 per mile for travel expense one way.


*Want to host a spa party for your friends or for your children at the Wellness Spa? Let's talk.


Spa treatments are full body treatments with a Swedish massage included.  Results include feelings of relaxation and healthy skin.  This is not a deep tissue session.  Replenish and renew your skin. 

Half body Application only no massage $43

Full body Application only no massage $85  

The rest is done full body with a massage:

$75/30 minutes 

$125/50 minutes

$150/60 minutes

$225/ 90minutes

$300/2 hours.


Please inform me of what type of treatment you would like.
  • Cell-U-Lite  Applied to the skin is a blend of birch oil for cellulite (includes dry brushing and massage). For best results use Weleda Birch oil twice a day daily.  See improvement in the appearance of your skin in 4 weeks.
  • Hydrating Rose Mud for all skin types.  Hydrates and renews the skin.  Safe for all skin types.
  • Sea or Pearl Mineral Salt Glow Exfoliante (Do not shave)
  • Sugar Scrub-Mango Tango, Orange Blossom, or your own customized scrub.  (Do not shave)
  • Aromatherapy Wrap- Massage oils are blended with essential oils. Reduce anxiety and helps you sleep better.
  • Desert Soles-Tired feet / leg treatment with stone massage.
  • Sea Clay Firming Mud purifies, tones, replenishes, increase circulation, and firms the skin.  With jojoba, avocado, peach, and sunflower oils replenish dry or damaged skin.
  • Rapunzel's Scalp Massage with essential oil blend $25 / no oil $20. A specially formulated blend that aids in hair growth, shine, and repairing dry split ends.

*DIY Body Scrub!*

I can Custom make or you can do it yourself and take home your own body scrub from the spa for $30. 8 or 4oz jars and essential oils provided.  Re-fill your jars for $5.


Click on It Works! and wrap in the comfort of your own home.  I can show you how to apply the wrap or watch the video. Take your own photo to track progress.  Your skin will improve in hydration, tonicity, and appearance. View website for new and supportive products that will renew you from the inside out! Consistent diet and exercise will improve not just the appearance of cellulite, but you will feel better.  See the difference in as little as 45 minutes.  Results vary for each individual.  Men, this is your chance to help tone your abs!

The cost of applying the Defining Gel is $10

The cost of each face/body applicator is $25


Sunlighten Sauna Session for non-members. Gym members see staff of The Circuit Family Fitness. 

  • 30 minute session $60 for 8 sessions

 Gift Certificates Available and non-refundable. 

*All sales are final.

*Private sauna sessions can be booked from 8am-4:30pm M-F.


A $25 deposit will be required to hold your next appointment date and will be applied toward your appointment. 
If you should not show or not cancel your reservation with less than 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, my business not only loses your business, but also the potential business of other clients who may have taken your scheduled reservation time. A $25 no show fee will be charged.   Thank you.”
*Please inform me before you book a session whether you have any allergies such as foods, plants, oil, latex, etc.  If you must bring your own oil/cream/lotion you are welcome to do so.



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